We meet at her book launch in Ikeja, Lagos, on a cloudy Saturday morning. Tomisin—as she prefers to be called—is worried that rain will disrupt the event. “It won’t rain in Jesus name,” she murmurs as we make our way to a quiet spot to have a quick chat.

Wearing a T-shirt that reads “ask me anything about my book”, Tomisin tells me that the book was motivated by the frequent conversations she had with her mother. “I am very close to my mum, and we talk about a lot of things. From my conversations with her and my own friends, I realised that we saw the world differently from parents,” she explains. “That’s where the idea for writing the book with my mum came from. We felt that curating our different perspectives on a range of topics would help people understand where each side is coming from,” she finishes.

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